About us  
Our workshop was established in 1992. We are dealing with production, design,

reparation and transformation of jewels.

A wide variety of samples of jewelry are waiting for You to help your imagination to picture

what kind of special, individual piece you would like us to create.

One of our most important aims is to carry out exactly that the customer imagined and described,

however we are always ready to give advises and raise ideas if it is needed. On our website you can see

only a part of our sample collection, but all the samples are available in our shop.

Our deliveries:

Production of jewels made of the customers own gold at short notice. Setting real or synthetic gems.

Reparation of gold or silver jewelry in 1 or 2 weeks.

The customer decides the fineness of the desired jewel (14 carat, 18 carat).

Replacing, jewel facing and craving gems.

Engraving and blazon embossing.

Bead works

Cigarette holder rings

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